I am saying that money could have feelings!

After agreeing with a girl that we should meet up for a date, I was all up in happy devilish flames and posted a nice quote block on facebook stating : «BOOM! I feel like a million bucks!». Later when I got home I noticed my friend Roger was trying to correct me on the fact that money does not have feelings, and by that he was suggesting that I had written something completely wrong on my wall. Being a serious Facebook poster I thrive on honestly and the hard facts that governs our existens so I had to reply on his statment. So I wrote him an answer.

To feel or not to feel…

Roger, I know they dont I thougth about it – trust me! I really do think about everything all the time but I took a chance but luckily you caught me. Im happy because now I am able to tell you somthing else, which by all means has everything to do with dollars and fellins. Let me explain, because what I felt like writing was «I feel like what we all assume a million bucks would feel like – you know if money had feelings which they dont. Thats what I’m feeling.»

Here comes the kicker, I lose the background! I also lose that enlarged font size which does look pretty good aswell. Writing different length in posts you quickly understand to get the background you cant write much because there must be some barrier or reason because I never saw a large post with background. So being a programmer I quickly convert this to pseudo logic and it is if(strlen($text)>=50 or so) then forget about the background and certainly larger text! This is the reason I wrote the lie, I had no choice. I was looking for that effect, a huge poster with easy to see text so everybody saw that hell yeah I was feeling more than good even greater than great but what is that?

Sooner or later it sounds retarded, who cares if I I have a great day! Great to see you, have a great day whatever I need more that that to even get attention. So we compare my feelings to something we all know, money? A million bucks is something noone has but everyone wants it – so I thought that was a good choice. I even thought about 100.000 and a billion no joke but that makes no difference as feelings are still the issue. Obviously dollars have no meaning here, because they have no feelings. I have feelings, so lets talk about feelings.

I will start by saying why is there something rather than nothing? And by the way, it is proven now and not only once, that nothing is somthing and by that definition its everything. So lets be clear here, everything comes from nothing, a singularity, a black hole or the time when everything breaks down call it what you like… but obviously stranger things are at play.

So what is a feeling?

Anybody know what sound it makes, what is the density of a great feeling compared to an old forgotten one? Do they age or why are some better than others in the first place do they stack or do they fold? I dont know, I never seen one but I know they are there and they are definately hard to pinpoint even for a neuro scientist. In the brain they say, where the synapses fire somthing like that but it ends in patterns and vague definitions whoch requires a leap of faith. Not much faith needed though as science is close to understanding processes of our brain now we believe we are almost there. It seems that every neuro scientist in the world is looking for an explernation outside of theory to explain it so maby noone knows? Thats a bummer to be honest, because it would be really cool to write something that was bulletproof with a background here on facebook!

Are only humans allowed to have feelings, is this something that only sentient beings are experiencing? Do animals have feelings ? Its a dumb question I assume, but what happends if you are cruel to an animal over time. Doesnt that animal get highten senses and try to avoid you, almost like it doesnt want to be near you? Feelings or not, the behaviour is identical to humans so I assume
they to have feelings just like us. Dogs, cats, horse all mamals have feelins we all know that! You need to be a creationist to belive something else honestly, when you think about it.

Schrimps with anxiety problems – yes – you read it correct!

I argue even fish have feelings, google «fish lips acid». I do feel for those fish, are you sure they are not feeling pain… But why stop there, after all we are talking about money which everybody should know by now doesnt have feelings right? Could an insect or what about say a shrimp – care fore a shrimp with feelings? People conclude they have reflexes, just like the fish this way we dont have to feel sorry for them right? That is the reason, because the fish didnt like the acid on their lips they tried to remove it they obviously did not want it. I know that shrimps have feelings because apparently they are susceptible to bad habits and show behaviour just like humans when exposed to what we call drugs. Think about that for a minute! My brain is working overtime when I think about shrimps that develope anxiety becase they have eaten bexodiazepines – or in human terms eaten valium.

You know what other species that are anxious – HUMANS! What is going on here? Shrimps have brains? I seriously need to reconsider my understanding about life and so should you if money dont have feelings. Does extremophiles have many lives, or do they live at all or maby we shouldnt talk about them at all. My point is: Are you sure a dollar cannot have one single feeling not at all, not even for one day? There has to be some sort of reasoning, because trees talk and a dollar is made out of tree. Much of the genome in a tree is in humans aswell, so that dollar is more human than a caveman some would say (and they are wrong!) But trees can talk and by the definition they do communicate so they talk, trough their roots in large eco systems containing something they describe as hubs and strangely enough mothers. They even alert their friends when being attacked by what they – the trees – believe are enemies. I cannot say they know because that sounds like they think aswell and I have no reasoning to support that. Whatever it is slow, its not on our scale but it is still happening, even if they are not like us. We all know they are alive that we agree on and yes they do talk aswell. A dollar is made out of tree so the dollar could be alive to, have you tried breaking a piece of a tree and plant it? Another tree comes up? So what about the dollar? Are you sure, we all know this? Im pretty sure but but not 100% because if could just be that money have feelings atleast some of it, its plausible wouldnt you think? And if so, they do have feelings.

But now I got it, the sollution for the problem. The correct statment is this:

I feel like a million bitcoins!

(we all know we live in a simulation, you are not here, neither am I so noone have feelings !)

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